Importing job adverts


Adverts may be imported automatically into the system in addition to manually entering adverts via Importing adverts is a service outside the framework of credit packages and includes the following services:
  • Initial configuration of advert imports via API or XML
  • Phone support for any issues
  • 1-year of import technical support

Adverts may be imported in two ways:

  1. Using Profesia API  Highly recommended
    Adverts are immediately imported after posting in your system. Communication between your system and the system uses API calls defined in Profesia API documentation. Code list updates occur just as dynamically. Direct application-to-application communication minimises the risk of errors occurring when adverts are imported. Job adverts may also be added automatically to using a job advert import.

  2. Using an XML file
    Job adverts can be imported into also from an XML file. There are two ways how to import an XML file:
    • import as a draft - if you want to have full control over imported job adverts before their publishing/li>
    • instantly published import - job adverts will be published immediately after the import by the following rules:
      - new adverts are added to
      - information in existing, posted adverts is updated
      - posting of adverts not found in the XML file is terminated


Note: A sufficient level of pre-paid credit is required when importing adverts into the system. The credit needed to post adverts is not included in the Import service.


TIP: Check to see if the supplier of your HR system supports exporting job adverts to our portal. This can save a large amount of time when preparing an XML file with adverts.