XML Feed Requirements

Required fields of a job advert
Optional fields of a job advert
Optional fields (only for personnel agencies)
Custom solutions for clients
Code lists



Required fields of a job advert


Name (attribute/element)

Description and Field type


externalid (A)

Job advert ID in partner system 

<job externalid="1821">

offerlanguage (E)

Language of job advert
Supported values: sk, cz, hu, en, de


position (E)

Name of the job position 

<position>Real Estate Senior Consultant</position>

jobtasks (E)

Job description

<jobtasks>Advise on leasing strategy (measurements, rental levels, lease conditions)</jobtasks>

workplacetype (E)

Type of job location

1 = The job is in a regular working place
2 = The job requires travelling (salesman, driver)
3 = Remote work

4 = The job is in a regular working place with possibility of working from home NEW


<workplacetype id="1"/>
<workplacetype id="2"/>
<workplacetype id="3"/>
<workplacetype id="4"/>

offerlocation (E)
street (A)
location (E)
id (A)

The job is in a regular working place
Code list REGIONS for distinct job location

<offerlocation street="Pribinova 19">
<location id="101" />

offerlocation (E)
location (E)
id (A)

The job requires travelling (salesman, driver)
Up to 3 locations.

Code list REGIONS for jobs requiring travel

<location id="1"/>
<location id="2"/>
<location id="3"/>

offerlocation (E)

Job does not require visiting of office premises (Remote work)

The element must be part of XML file, but it does not have to contain any value.


offercategorypositions (E)

Category and position of job advert Code list CATPOS

<catpos category="1" position="2"/>
<catpos category="2" position="22"/>

Jobtype (E)

Type of job Code list JOBTYPE

<type id="1" />
<type id="2" />

educationlevel (E)

Required education level Code list EDUCATIONLEVELS

<educationlevel> <education id="7" /> </educationlevel>

numberofopenings (E)

Number of vacancies
This information is not displayed in job advert.


contactperson (E)

Contact person

<contactperson>Ing. Mária Nová</contactperson>



Optional fields of a job advert


Name (attribute/element)

Description and Field type


Job advert properties

last_modified (A)

Date and time of the last update of export file

<export last_modified="2013-06-06 19:36">

offerchannel (E),
channel (E),
id (A)

Channel ID where job advert was published
1 - profesia.sk
2 - workania.hu
3 - profesia.cz

<channel id="1"/>
<channel id="2"/>

date (E),
renew (A)

Date when the job advert should be renewed
date (YYYY-MM-DD)

<date renew="2013-06-06"/>

refnr (E)

Reference number of job advert in partner system 


sendcv (E),
Id (A)

Suitable CV's will be sent to you per e-mail
0 – all
2 – do not send

<sendcv id="2"/>

applicationwithoutcv (E)

false - applying for job is possible only with CV attached (default)
true - applying for job is possible without CV

If you are using your own system to process applications (application_url) we recommend to set this value to false.


Job advert options

otherbenefits (E)

Benefits offered by employer

<otherbenefits>team events for employees (teambuildings, sport days, etc.)</otherbenefits>

prerequisites (E)

Personal prerequisites and skills

<prerequisites>strong and proactive individual</prerequisites>

noteforcandidate (E)

Other information for applicant

<noteforcandidate>selection process has two rounds</noteforcandidate>

salary (E)

Additional salary information - Other salary components, Christmas bonus salary, rewards and bonuses

<salary>Christmas bonus salary, rewards and bonuses</salary>

salary interval (E),
min (E),
max (E),
currency (E),
period (E),
id (A),
hidden (A)

Salary range

  • "min" and "max" is required
  • "min" is expected greater as "1"
  • "min" could not be greater than "max"

Currency ID:
2 - EUR
4 - CZK
5 - HUF

Period ID:
1 - monthly salary
2 - hourly wage

<max hidden="true">900</max>
<currency id="2" />
<period id="1" />

startdate (E)

Start date - text information about employment date

<startdate>March 1st 2021</startdate>

applicabletill (E)

Deadline for application


specialization (E)

Required specialization

<specialization>ekonomické / technické zameranie, MatFyz výhodou</specialization>

languageconjuction (E)

conjunction of language skills 
or and (optional)


offerskills (E),
skill (E),
id (A),
Level (A)

Required skills (language, computer, administrativve and economic skills)

<skill id="9" level="3" />
<skill id="10" level="3" />
<skill id="114" level="1" />
<skill id="73" level="9" />

drivinglicence (E)

driving licence type

<drivinglicence>B, C, D</drivinglicence>

validforgraduate (E),
value (A)

Job advert is suitable for a graduate
1 – yes
2 - no

<validforgraduate value="1" />

requiredexperience (E),
experiencesector (E),
experienceyears (E)

Number of years of experience Varchar (for experiencesector)
Int (for experienceyears)


suitableforukrainians (E)

Job adverts for ukrainian refugees


Contact person (must be registered in our system beforehand and an ID must be assigned to him/her).

title_before (E)

University degree


first_name (E)

First name


surname (E)

Last name


contactphone (E)

Phone number

<contactphone>02 5919 2249</contactphone>

contactemail (E)

E-mail address



Application methods

  • email of the kontakt person/registered user: For responses to an email address is necessary to identify the the contact person (the advert submitter). Multiple e-mail adresses with one contact person are not supported.

  • URL address: Just enter the URL address that includes a response form for a specific advert.


Name (attribute/element) Description and Field type Example

application_url (E)

Applications to other HR system (Taleo, Kenexa, G2,...)



Only for personnel agencies


Name (attribute/element) Description and Field type Example

Businessarea (E),
Id (A)

Main area of business of the client's company Code list BUSINESSAREAS

<businessarea id="2" />

Shortcompanycharacteristics (E)

Short description of client's company text

<shortcompanycharacteristics>The company advises and represents clients on all aspects of property occupancy and investment.</shortcompanycharacteristics>



Custom solutions for clients


It is necessary to include your Custom fields in the XML file if you use this service.


What are Custom fields?

These are fields that we are able to add or display within the detail of the job offer or the company's subpage.

Text fields:

  • textfield - for entering short text information, a one-line field
  • textarea - field for entering a longer text, a more-line field

Custom categories:

Custom fields can be also used for entering custom categories.
The client has the option to ask for custom categories that will enable him to display different elements (text/picture) or to use them as a custom filter for the different categories of the job offers.

  • single select - Drop down list with the choice of one category
  • selectize - Multi select with the possibility to choose more categories
  • checkbox - Where we can determine whether the job offer belongs to a certain category. Whether the value is true/false, where true = 1.
Name (attribute/element) Description and Field type Example

Customfields (E),
Customfield (E),
Name (A) *

*name of the field will be provided to you after creating

User defined fields and categories

<customfield name="textfield">Lorem ipsum...</customfield>
<customfield name="textarea">Curabitur...</customfield>
<customfield name="singleselect">1001</customfield>
<customfield name="selectize">2001</customfield>
<customfield name="checkbox">1</customfield>


Code Lists

If you want the job seeker to find your job offers as simple as can be and if you wish that relevant job seekers would apply for the jobs, apart from text information we recommend also to fill in code list values in the job offers.

TIP: Our code lists are updated from time to time. Therefore, we recommend to follow the changes in these XML files regularly.

The job search can be done in more ways 

Simple search on the main page by entering the position and locality: https://www.profesia.sk/en/
Extended search: https://www.profesia.sk/en/search_offers.php
By creating a job alert https://www.profesia.sk/en/agent/

Mandatory code lists

  • Type of work place
  • Work place
  • Category and position of the job offer
  • Type of employment
  • Required level of education 

See section: Mandatory fields of the job offer


All code lists

Summary of all code lists for profesia.sk in the Slovak language (by using the parameter lang=sk can be found on this link:https://www.profesia.sk/codebook.php?lang=sk

Supported languages

Code lists can be displayed in five languages with the help of the parameter lang

Code lists are also available separately

By channel

By type