Search in the CV database

CV database is a product, that will help you contact job seekers without the need to post a job ad on our job portal. It is a discreet way how to look for new employees. You can search for the right candidates with following:

  1. Using regular search  

    Regular search consists of two parts. Firstly, you can search for any keyword (f.e. industry, job title or skill) and secondly search for a location. Smart suggestion will help you with any keyword after writing the first letters it will suggest relevant expressions from 4 categories. By clicking on the suggestion, it will be simply added to your search box.

    Search categories:

    • Job position (from job positions list)
    • Job industry / category (from categories list)
    • Skill – language or other (from skills list)
    • Universal keyword (expressions not listed)

    Additionally, to the regular search, you can use search by categories, like type of employment or CVs added during a certain time period. You can find this search option on the left side under the regular search.

  2. Using advanced search

Right next to the red search box you can find Advanced search, which you can choose several search categories at once. You can choose from 18 categories, among others language skills, other skills, years of experience at a job position or you can search among already uncovered contacts.

You can also use the combination of both searches – start with the regular one and continue to the advanced. The search will remember your chosen filters.

Multi-word search

In the search boxes you can enter one or more criteria. The results will show accordingly to the following rules.
Entered expression How the search engine understands it Search results
Supply OR chain OR manager all CVs containing the word supply or chain or manager
Supply AND chain AND manager all CVs containing the word supply and chain and manager
"Supply chain manager" all CVs containing entered chain of words in the entered order
receptionist AND administration AND business correspondence all CVs containing the job position receptionist in the administration industry and they have business correspondence as a skill

Sorting the search results

The search results can be sorted by the date (date when the job ad was posted or updated) or relevancy, where we consider more criteria (f.e. the length of the experience, the experience on the same job or if the candidate is looking for a job in the relevant industry). To sort the CVs by relevancy, it is necessary to choose at least one job title or to search for one keyword.