Frequently asked questions

Invoicing and payment

When will we receive an invoice and how will we receive it? We’ll send an invoice for our services via email or regular mail depending on the option you select in your company account ( Invoices sent by mail typically arrive within 3 business days. Can I use a credit card to pay an invoice? If you want to pay an outstanding invoice using a credit card, simply use your corporate account. In the Invoice overview section, selec...

Changing the date of an order

The date of an order may be changed at any point until your sales representative confirms it in our ordering system as a binding order. The order is then submitted to invoicing and a date change is no longer possible. For online purchases, the order is automatically sent to invoicing so therefore be sure to carefully review all your details before placing your order.

How do I unlock contact details in the CV database?

If a CV in our database is of interest to you and you want to contact a candidate, there is an easy way to uncover their contact details. Simply click Show contacts in the CV detail and the contact details will appear instead of the buttons and remain available the next time you log in to the database. Your current credit (remaining number of contacts that may be viewed) is located next to the Show contacts button or in the menu to the left after clicking on Overview of the services.

Modifying a posted advert

Click Your jobs after logging in to your account. The Posted tab contains all the adverts you currently have posted on Click the Edit button for the advert you want to edit and then make the changes. Press the Save button to save the changes and you will receive a message that the advert was changed successfully.

How to post a job advert

Only companies registered at may post job adverts. Adverts may be posted on for a one-off fee or by using a credit package if activated. - Click on the red Create a job button in the corporate account box after logging in. Then add all the mandatory details, especially: - name of the job and its classification - job tasks - place of work - candidate requirements - contact details If you’d like to preview how your advert will look, use the Job pre...

Site language options

Language options are available in the company account and in the lower right corner of every Profesia page. You can set the communication language individually for each contact person in your corporate account. In the left-hand Settings menu click _Your contact persons_ – _Edit the contact person_.

Changing company details

All settings may be configured in your company account. Your company’s primary line of business or account details can be modified using _Modify your company_ in the menu in the _Settings_ section. The only exception is changing your Company registration number. Please contact the customer support department ( if you need to change it.

Forgotten login or password

You can regenerate your login details if you forget them. On the login page ( Use the link Have you forgotten your login details?. If you enter the same Company registration number and e-mail as when you first logged in, you should immediately receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password (if you don’t receive an e-mail, please check your SPAM folder to see if it was filtered out of your regular e-mail). If you ente...

What are the advantages of registering your company at

Registering your company gives you access to the services of the most visited job site in Slovakia. We’ll review your registration and send you login details in short order. You can then order any of our services, such as a job advert or a package of CVs for contacts in our database of CVs. Can a company that is just going into business register? Yes, the only requirement to register a company is a valid Company registration number and Tax registration number. Once you have these, you are free...

Importing job adverts

- INTRODUCTION (#home) - PROFESIA API (#menu1) - XML IMPORT (#menu2) - XML FILE REQUIREMENTS (#menu3) - XML ERROR MESSAGES (#menu4) Adverts may be imported automatically into the system in addition to manually entering adverts via Importing adverts is a service outside the framework of credit packages and includes the following services: - Initial configuration of advert imports via API or XML - Phone support for any issues - 1-year of import technical supp...

Importing job adverts as draft

Why to choose this type of import? - The content of the job advert is fully under your control before publishing. - You are informed about successful import of job advert as draft per e-mail. - Draft of the job advert can be edited and all data your HR system is not capable to export can be added. How does the "import as draft" option work? - Job adverts are read several times a day from your XML file. - We inform you about newly imported job adverts as drafts per e-mail....