Importing job adverts as draft

Why to choose this type of import?

  • The content of the job advert is fully under your control before publishing.
  • You are informed about successful import of job advert as draft per e-mail.
  • Draft of the job advert can be edited and all data your HR system is not capable to export can be added.

How does the "import as draft" option work?

  • Job adverts are read several times a day from your XML file.
  • We inform you about newly imported job adverts as drafts per e-mail. If you have this service active and don't get any notifications, please check if your e-mail contact in company account is correct. Also, please check if the notification e-mail have not arrived into SPAM folder.
  • Notification e-mail contains links to job adverts saved as drafts.

How to publish the job advert from "Drafts" in your company account?

  1. Choose the option "Your jobs" from left hand-side menu and click on tab Drafts.

    Koncept pracovnej ponuky -

  2. Choose a job advert you want to publish and click on "Edit draft".

    Upraviť koncept pracovnej ponuky -

  3. Check if the job advert contains all infromation and if necessary, add missing data.
  4. Click on button „Continue to order".
  5. In the "Order" section choose the period of publishing and additional services. Your job advert will be published for the period you have chosen in the order.
    Zverejniť koncept pracovnej ponuky -

  6. After confirming will be the job advert published on Profesia website.
Note: Repeated import of the same job advert (with same ID in partner's system) as draft is possible only for archived job adverts. Import as a draft is not possible if the job advert is currently published.