How to enter a place of work in a job ad

Every job ad must contain a place of work, otherwise it is not possible for the job ad to be published. On Profesia, you can find 4 types of job ads:

  • Fixed place of work
    If employees perform their job at one specific location (f.e. in an office building or a manufacturing plant) and their presence on company permises is required without home-office possibility, the location must be entered in the job ad.
  • Work at the working place with the possibility of working from home
    Employees can perform their job both at specific location and remotely (e.g. home office). The location must be entered in the job ad. The job will be findable also with chosen "Possible partly" option in Home office filter.
  • Remote work
    Job ads for jobs, that can be done remotely or from home and do not depend on the place of work, can choose the option “Remote work”. After Profesia approves this type of job ad, it will be visible for all regions in Slovakia.

  • The job requires travelling (salesman, driver)
    There are job ads that do not have a fixed place of work, or they mostly require travel (f.e. salesmen, truck drivers). In these cases, it is possible to enter a maximum of 3 locations – regions or other countries in the “Place of work” box. Our service Reach offer will display a job ad as an Interesting opportunity for all of the searches for the advertised job position, so that the employers can reach people from various regions.