Frequently asked questions

I’m looking for a job

How do I use the filters when looking for work? offers two basic ways to search for job adverts: simple search and advanced search. Simple search is available on the homepage; just enter a position or location. When you begin typing, a suggested position or location appears which you can simply click to select the word you are looking for. You may also enter multiple similar keywords. If you are unsure of the position you are looking for, simply click on a specific option and a r...

Jobs by e-mail

To set up a job alert for positions similar to those you searched for on the site, simply click on the red Jobs by e-mail button at the top of the list of adverts in your search results and enter your e-mail address when prompted. The precise criteria of the adverts you want to receive by e-mail (an e-mail alert) can be configured in the e-mail alert form ( If you want to modify the criteria, simply click on the red Edit criteria button in the e-mail you rec...

I want to create a CV

You can create a CV quickly and simply by using one of the provided graphic templates ( Tips for creating a good CV ( are available in the Career in a Nutshell section (in Slovak language). This video guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating a CV that gets you an invitation to an interview (in Slovak language).

I don’t know how to send my CV

First, ensure the document you are uploading from your computer is in the correct format (PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX or ODT) and that you are using a supported browser with the latest updates. List of supported browsers: - Mozilla Firefox - update ( - Google Chrome - update ( - Safari - update ( - Opera - update (

Should I send a cover letter with my CV?

Cover letters are typically not required unless the advertising company specifically requests one. If you want to show a potential employer just how serious your interest is in the position, please do send them a cover letter adapted to the specific job you are interested in along with your CV. Read the recommendations for writing an effective cover letter ( Example cover letters in a variety of languages are available on the website to ins...

I’m looking for a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies can be found in the list of recruitment agencies ( Click on the name of a specific agency to see the job adverts that agency currently has posted.